As a precursor in exclusive art sublimation or print the visual material at HD Metal and Dibond.

✓ Briljante kleurweergave
✓ Ontwikkeld voor Professionals
✓ Super hoogglans
✓ Gratis ophangsysteem

Comparison Table

HD Metal


HD Metal is the best thing we have ever seen. HD Metal consists of a thin plate aluminum with a coating. Here we set up your image with a special technique. The result is amazing !! Razor sharp, mega brick with a photo quality never before showed. No scratches can come up and it is waterproof so excellent for outdoor use. The high-gloss version is the successor for Plexiglas but lighter, stronger, cheaper and many brilliant colors! We always deliver a free suspension system with your product with spacer. This makes your artwork something from the wall. HD Metal has been developed for galleries and top photographers, but now also available to you!




When aluminum and polyethylene collaborates, a beautiful material creates: Dibond. This creates the most beautiful wall decoration. Dibond plates are light plates that are made up of 3 layers. The outer layers are made of 0.3 mm thick aluminum and the core is made of black plastic, also called polyethylene. This guarantees maximum firmness for your work and has been used with the best results for years. Thanks to the minimum thickness, the material is super light - so as a lover of photography you can also hang your work in large sizes safe and without problems on the wall.


Always a free suspension system

  • Smart and easy
  • Patented system
  • Always hangs tight and straight against the wall